Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome!  This is the first entry to our new ISL PR Blog.  We plan to use this space for work, for fun, for opinions and news and announcements and general rock and roll-ness.  We’re going to have two guest bloggers who will chime in from time to time with their musings and reflections on anything and everything.  They are James J. Spina, former rock critic for Women’s Wear Daily, W and Hit Parader as well as co-creator of seminal fanzine Jamz, Rock Marketplace and New York Rocker; and Sion Smith, UK scribe and creator/editor of Burnmagazine.co.uk (www.burnmagazine.co.uk).  Both gentlemen are outspoken and will tell you exactly what’s on their mind in clever and humorous ways.  So please come back often to read what we have to say.  Cheers!  ~ ~ Ida what is a proxy server Adhrni rizeni .