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Praise for ISL PR client Amy Lennard keeps rolling in!

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We knew Amy Lennard was a great talent when we started working with her some months back, and are excited that so many journalists agree.  In the spirit of sharing good news, here are quotes from some of the most recent reviews:

Elmore Magazine: “…a well done, unpretentious album with a human feel, one that any fan of Americana-type storytelling ought to enjoy…Lennard conveys both emotional vulnerability and determined strength with equal conviction…”

JSI TOP 21: “Singer/songwriter Amy Lennard works her way to the hearts of every coffeeshop-folk lover worldwide.  A solid voice, a perfect level of production, and intensely personal lyrics personifies what it means to be an emotionally driven artist.  Keep an eye out for Lennard‘s rise to stardom!” “With her first full-length album, I Need To Love, NYC singer-songwriter Amy Lennard reveals a personal, emotional side…The vocal are straightforward and strong; unlike most female vocals today, they are not overly digitalized, leaving them with a raw, natural feel…folk/pop rock songs that will be well received by a mainstream audience.” “Lennard is without a doubt in the league of some of the best song writers and story tellers of our time…some very real, perceptive, strong and vulnerable lyrics that are better than anything you’ll find on reality television.” “ feels fresh and immediate in the way timeless music always does…Amy Lennard has a gift for crafting songs that reveal deeper and more dangerous truths than most songwriters…are willing to expose.”

It’s time for you to discover this talented artist, too.  An industry showcase is being planned in the near future; you can watch this space for details or contact us directly with your questions. 

Announcing The A&R Alert Newsletter

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October 2, 2008, New York, NY: ISL Public Relations announces the creation and servicing of the debut issue of their A&R ALERT newsletter.  Approximately 1,500 A&R talent handlers will be serviced monthly via email with news and spotlights on some of the most artistically gifted musicians on the rise who are worthy of attention.  The information is disseminated to representatives at labels, management offices, booking agencies and music publishing houses.


In addition to a brief description of each band or artist, the A&R ALERT newsletter includes direct links to their websites, MySpace and/or Facebook pages, and the URL to hear examples of the artists’ music via online streaming.


Ida S. Langsam, head of ISL Public Relations, explains: “Having come in contact with so many talented and as-yet-undiscovered new artists and bands, all looking to get noticed, I wanted to aid those who have the best to offer. Everyone’s looking to sign that Next Big Star, so why miss the opportunity just because you didn’t know they were out there?  The field is so crowded with one and all scrambling for the industry’s attention, our A&R ALERT newsletter helps shine a spotlight on a select few to whom I believe my colleagues in the industry should be aware.  We’ll make the introduction, and the talent experts will follow through with contact and offers.” 


For additional information about the A&R ALERT newsletter, please contact Ida S. Langsam at ISL Public Relations, 917-338-6199 or

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