As we head into 2009 in just a little under 10 hours, I want to wish you all the very best for the new year.  May we all experience health, happiness, success and prosperity.  The one good thing about a recession (if there is a good thing) is that it generally prompts artists to use their creativity to express their frustrations.  Therefore that bodes well for lots of new talent to come to our attention over the coming months.  Will there be another comeback a la Britney this year?  Another reunion like NKOTB?  Another teenage fantasy craze like “Twilight” – or will that continue?  Who knows, but it’ll be fun to watch it all unfold, participate in it, and then reflect on it next December 31st.  So to you wherever you are from me here in a very cold somewhat snowy New York City, I send musical, magical wishes that you have a fun and safe celebration as you watch the ball drop in Times Square just 11 blocks away from ISL PR headquarters.  I’m going home to watch the craziness on TV just like most of you.  CHEERS! internet piracy statistics .