New York, NY  December 15, 2009 – Singer-songwriter TJAY is scoring major league points with his fans as he continues to perform around the tri-state area throughout the month of December and into the New Year.  The upstate-New York native has been drawing crowds wherever he plays and so impressing music lovers in the audience that they have been clamoring for copies of his new CD.  Entitled “Take A Seat,” the album was scheduled to be released in early 2010 but TJAY has had to push up that date in order to fulfill requests.


“It’s remarkable and very rewarding,” says the musician.  “People have been coming up to me after my concerts asking to buy my CD.   They were disappointed hearing that they had to wait until February, so we just decided to get it out now!”


TJAY knows a thing or two about having hits.  Having received a scholarship to play Division One college baseball at the University of Binghamton, TJAY was simultaneously pursuing a career as a professional baseball player and playing gigs on the side to earn a little extra cash.   During the winter off-season, as TJAY played more and more shows, word started to spread and the crowds grew. From there, the choice was easy.


Now, TJAY performs an astounding 200+ shows per year.  He loves connecting with his audience and writes from the heart; his songs are autobiographical and tell the story of someone breaking away from the norm to live his dreams.  TJAY is known for his smooth blues/rock vocal styles and complete guitar mastery – his funky guitar riffs are one of the cornerstones of his music.


TJAY’s concert schedule is as follows:

December     3        Cold Spring, NY
December     4        New York City, NY (M.E.A.N.Y. Fest “Honorable Mention” show)
December     17      Kingston, NY
December     23      “Rew & Who?” Internet TV – live interview & performance
January        9        Binghamton, NY
January        20      Pleasantville, NY
January        22      Larchmont, NY
February       5        Stamford, CT
February       7        Florence, NJ – Rock on Radio – live interview & performance
February       25      Kingston, NY (solo acoustic)
Feburary       26      Kingston, NY (with the TJay Trio)


Visit www.myspace.com/tjaymusic for additional dates and more information.


303 Fifth Avenue Suite 702 New York NY 10016 Ph 917-338-6199Fax 917-338-6515